In order to assist the maintenance and developments of welding and joining technologies in the manufacturing industry, the JWES conducts researches and investigation, standardization, qualification and certification, education, and technology transfer to the coming generations about welding and joining.

Create the future of the industry
by welding and joining
as essential technology!


WES Standards

The Japan Welding Engineering Society Standard (WES standard) covers the testing and inspection, base materials, welding materials, welding and cutting machines, design and fabrication, certification, safety and health about welding and joining.


JWES Welding Technology Information Center

The Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES) initiated the Welding Technology Information Center in 2006 to offer information about welding technologies accumulated in Japan since World War II in order to help welding engineers and to transfer the technologies to the coming generations.

- Comic for Welding Engineer -

This comic is produced in cooperation with The Japan Welding Engineering Society (JWES) and Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI),Osaka University.



The PFM Subcommittee of Atomic Energy Research Committee of JWES has published a PFM book of the English version titled "Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics for Risk-Informed Activities -Fundamentals and Applications-“. This is aimed to be a textbook for PFM primer.

The PFM Book in PDF format can be downloaded (10.3MB, 376 pages): Click here