Activities of JWES

I.Researches and investigation activities

1.Welding material technology a.Welding consumable division Information exchange between members companies
Negotiation with governmental and industrial offices
Investigation for international standardization of welding material
Correspondence to IIW, ISO and WES standards
Publication of the bulletin “Welding Research”
b.Blazing division Stipulation and revision of standards concerning brazing and correspondence to new standards
Publication of the bulletin “Braze”
Publication of the teaching material of brazing practices
Development of analysis technologies of brazing filler
Researches of advanced brazing filler
c.Solder and smart joining division Stipulation and revision of standards concerning soldering and correspondence to new standards
Development of testing methods of lead-free solder
Development of analysis technologies of solder
Investigation of testing methods of soldering flux
Investigation of wetting test methods of solder paste
Cooperative researches of micro-joining technologies
2.Material technology a.Iron and steel division Stipulation and revision of standards concerning steel material
Summarization of standards and rules concerning fracture toughness
Investigation of new standard concerning fracture toughness
Publication of research results conducted in the iron & steel division
b.Special materials welding research committee Researches of welding of corrosion resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant materials
Researches of welding of dissimilar materials and overlay welding
Researches of repair welding of heat resistant materials
Researches of life expectancy of welded structures
Researches of welding of advanced materials
3.Welding and joining machines technology a.Electric welding division Stipulation of revision of standards concerning welding machines and correspondence to new standards
Correspondence to safety regulations
Investigation of new technologies
b.Gas welding and cutting division Provision of safety measures of gas cutting machines
Stipulation and revision of standards concerning gas cutting machines and correspondence to new standards
Researches of gas cutting machines and cutting precision
Researches of cutting phenomenon and characteristics by various cutting methods
Hosting of lecture classes of gas cutting
c.Robot welding research committee Investigation of cooperative controls of robot manipulators, sensors, and welding machines
Researches of system engineering
Investigation of peripheral technologies necessary for the expansion of robotics
Development of technologies for the application of robot for bridge and framed structure fabrication
Stipulation of domestic rules for bridges and framed structures correspondent to the ISO standards
4.Process technology a.Laser materials and processing committee Description of ISO, JIS and WES draft standards concerning manufacturing by laser
Cooperative researches among laser equipment, materials, processing and cutting fields
Exchange of information about latest laser technologies
Hosting of laser symposiums
b.Surface modification research and technology committee Investigation of coatings by spraying and overlaying, and films by CVD, PVD and plating
Provision of databases of recent technologies of coatings and films
Investigation of performance testing methods of coatings and films
Description of standards of procedures for coating and film production
c.Committee of welding and joining processes Researches of advanced welding processes including digital controlled arc welding, high energy density beam welding, and hybrid welding
Researches of interracial joining including FSW and instant surface fusion joining
Researches of advanced processing by a powder technology
5.Welded structure technology a.Ships, offshore and steel structures division Stipulation of rules and standards for welding of ships and offshore structures
Evaluation of newly developed technologies and provision of welding fabrication procedures
Investigation of welding materials, welding equipment and fabrication processes
b.Mechanical engineering division Investigation of domestic and international rules and standards for welding of pipelines, boilers and pressure vessels
Technical cooperation with the IIW-XI commission
c.Construction division Publication of new design and fabrication technologies of welded bridges and framed structures
Investigation of JIS and WES standards for bridges and flamed structures
Investigation of required qualities for weldments of structures
d.Automobiles division Investigation of welding technologies of automobile manufacturing
Investigation of application of new materials and technologies
Information exchange of technologies among members companies and related industries
e.Rolling stocks division Researches of welding technologies, improvement of weld quality, and rationalization of welding fabrication for railroad cars
Researches of welding technologies of car bogies
Development of new welding technologies of aluminum railway car fabrication
Cooperative researches of spot welding of stainless steel cars and investigation of new welding technologies of stainless steel cars
f.Chemical plant welding research committee Researches of materials and welding of chemical plant equipment
Investigation of new materials and welding technologies for chemical plant equipment and researches of their application to plants
Researches of quality improvements and rationalization of welding fabrication of chemical plant equipment
Researches of prevention of degradation, reliability assessment and life expectancy prediction of chemical plant equipment
g.Atomic energy research committee Hosting of lecture classes of materials, design, fabrication, inspection and maintenance of nuclear power station equipment
Hosting of atomic power symposiums
Researches of aging and its measures of atomic power station equipment
Researches of application of probabilistic fracture mechanics to reliability assessment of atomic power station equipment
6.Inspection technology a.Committee of application of NDT technology for industrial fields Digitalizing of RT films
Assessment of application of a film-less RT technology
Applicability testing of new ray sources
7.Requested Researches and investigations a.Electric power companies Researches of structural integrity of equipment and structures of light reactor vessels under repeated loading conditions
Researches of rational structures of radioactive waste casks
b.The Japan Atomic Energy Agency Investigation of rules of system developments
c.The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Researches of welding technologies of aerospace materials
d.The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Description of drafts of JIS standards concerning welding
Cooperation of draft standard stipulation of ISO/TC44 and IEC/TC26
e.The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Education of welding engineers of developing countries according to the IIW international welding engineer syllabus
Support of acquisition of international welding engineer qualification