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Activities of JWES

II. Certification Activities

1.Certification of welders Classification Certification standard Numbers
Arc welding JIS Z 3801,
WES 8201
Semi-automatic welding JIS Z 3841,
WES 8241
Stainless steel welding JIS Z 3821,
WES 8221
Titanium welding JIS Z 3805,
WES 8205
Plastic welding JIS Z 3831,
WES 8231
Silver alloy brazing JIS Z 3891,
WES 8291
Fillet welding WES 8101 14
Foundation piles WES 8106 322
Petroleum Industry(JPI) JPI-7S-31,
WES 8102
(as of April 2014)
2.Certification of welding coordination personnel Classification Certification standard Numbers
Senior welding engineer JIS Z 3410 /
ISO 14731,
WES 8103
Welding engineer 7,404
Associate welding engineer 24,006
Welding practitioner WES 8107 1,248
(as of March 2014)
3.Certification of robot operator for steel framed building welding Classification Certification standard Numbers
Multi-articular robot WES 8110, 8111 808
(as of February 2014)
4. Certification of micro-soldering (MS) specialists Classification Certification standard Numbers
MS engineer WES 8109 261
MS instructor 604
MS Process control Engineer 41
MS inspector 566
MS operator of 1st class JIS Z 3851 1,671
MS operator of 2nd class 376
(as of March 2014)
5. Certification of technical grade of corporations for non-destructive inspection and inspection personnel Technical grade of corporation Certification standard Numbers
Grade A WES 8701 16
Grade B 10
Grade C 27
Grade D 69
Inspection Companies Qualified for Architectures and Steel Frames 68
Classification of engineer Certification standard Certified numbers
Inspection coordination personnel WES 8701 503
Senior inspector 1,628
Inspector 1,949
(as of April 2014)
6. Certification of products Classification of enterprise Certification standard Certified numbers
a) Steel products
Weldable high strength steel plates WES 3001 68
Evaluation criterion of rolled steels for low temperature application WES 3003 72
Supplementary requirements High strength steel plates with low susceptibility to cold cracking WES 3009 21
(as of April 2014)
b) Certification of welding and cutting equipment
Manual blowpipes for cutting JIS B6801,
JIS B6805
Manual blowpipes for welding 4
Pressure regulator for welding, cutting and allied processes JIS B6803,
JIS B6805
(as of April 2014)
7. Certification of welders and welding procedures in accordance with law Classification Law and standard Numbers
Certification of welders Electric business law 1,296
commercial nuclear power plants 237
Regulatory law of nuclear reactors and radioactive wastes 177
Classification Law and standard Certified numbers
Certification of welding procedures Electric business law 99
commercial nuclear power plants 16
Regulatory law of nuclear reactors and radioactive wastes 42
(as of February 2014)
Certification of suitability of new welding technology Electric business law 1
(as of February 2014)
8. Certification of international welding engineers Classification Diploma earned engineers
IWE(International Welding Engineer) 989
IWT(International Welding Technologist) 424
IWS(International Welding Specialist) 615
IWP(International Welding Practitioner) 315
IWIP(International Welding Inspection Personnel) 128
(as of March 2014)