Organization of JWES

Applied Research Sector
1) Welding consumable division
2) Electric welding division
3) Gas welding and cutting division
4) Ships, offshore and steel structures division
5) Mechanical engineering division
6) Rolling stock division
7) Automobiles division
8) Construction division
9) Iron and Steel division
10) Brazing division
11) Solder and smart joining division
Basic Research Sector
1) Special materials welding research committee
2) Atomic energy research committee
3) Chemical plant welding research committee
4) Robot welding research committee
5) Surface modification research and technology committee
6) Committee of welding and joining processes
7) Laser materials and processing committee
8) Committee of application of NDT technology for industrial fields
Certification and Qualification Sector
1) Welding personnel qualification division
a) Welding coordination personnel qualification sub-division
b) Welding operator qualification sub-division
c) Micro-soldering operator qualification sub-division
d) Welding robot operator qualification sub-division
2) Steel material certification division
3) Gas cutting machine certification division
4) Welding inspection engineer qualification division

Individual Activity Sector
1) Standard and regulation stipulation division
2) Publication division
3) Internationalization activity division
4) Safety and environments division
5) Patent division
6) Welding operator skill competition division
Education Sector
1) Welding coordination personnel education division
2) Micro-soldering education division
Cooperative Activity Sector
Cooperation with the following bodies.
The Japan Institute of Welding (JIW)
The Authorized National Body for IIW certification (J-ANB)
The Japan Pressure Vessel Research Committee (JPVRC)