Activities of JWES

III. Individual Activities

1. Standard and regulation stipulation
Stipulation of WES standards

Stipulation and discussion of JIS draft standards concerning welding

Discussion of international standards concerning welding and correspondence with ISO/TC44 and IEC/TC26

Investigation of rules concerning welding
2. Publication
Publication of reports from the applied research and basic research sectors

Supervision of the weekly newspaper “Welding news” and monthly magazine “Welding technology
3. Correspondence to safety, health and environmental issues
Investigation of issues of safety, health and environments concerning welding

Investigation of safety and health of welding work

Spreading of rules and regulation of safety and health concerning welding

Cooperation with the IIW commission VIII
4. Correspondence to patents
Spreading of patents concerning welding

Discussion of JWES patent awards
5. International cooperation
Promotion of international cooperation of welding technologies

Cooperation with AWF (Asian welding federation) and overseas institutes

Hosting of international conferences
6. Hosting of welding operator skill competition